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Barbara Westwood - Agate Heart
Barbara Westwood - Agate Heart I
Barbara Westwood - Amethyst Jeweldrop
Barbara Westwood - Ametrine and Jade
Agate Heart Agate Heart I Amethyst Jeweldrop Ametrine and Jade

Barbara Westwood - Ametrine Jeweldrop
Barbara Westwood - Andamooka Opal
Barbara Westwood - Andamooka Opal I
Barbara Westwood - Andamooka Opal II
Ametrine Jeweldrop Andamooka Opal Andamooka Opal I Andamooka Opal II

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Artist Biography
Barbara Westwood
Jewel Drops
Jewel Drops Artist Biography
Agate Heart
Sold Agate Heart I
Amethyst Jeweldrop
Ametrine and Jade
Sold Ametrine Jeweldrop
Andamooka Opal
Sold Andamooka Opal I
Andamooka Opal II
Sold Aquamarine Heart 59.09Ct
Aquamarine Jeweldrop
ARTifacts Chalcedony
ARTifacts Quartz
Bell Rock
Black Onyx
Black Onyx and Gold Heart
Black Onyx Druse
Black Onyx Heart
Black Onyx Hearts
Cabochon Kunzite
Cathedral Rock
Citrine & Quartz
Citrine Jeweldrop
Citrine Suite
Classic Citrine
Classic Jeweldrops
Classic Jeweldrops II
Clouds Aquamarine
Clouds Aquamarine II
Custom Diamond Drops
Doors and Windows
Sold Doors and Windows Agate
Sold Doors and Windows Beryl
Sold Faceted Aquamarine
Green Tourmaline and Pearls
Heart Jeweldrops
Heart Jeweldrops II
Sold Heartline
Hearts of Sedona Collection
Horizon Citrine
Horizon Rutile Quartz
Horizon Tourmaline
Jeweldrops Munsteiner cut
Jeweldrops- Munsteiner
Lapis Heart
Montana Agate Heart
Munsteiner Amethyst
Munsteiner Amethyst I
Munsteiner Ametrine
Munsteiner Aquamarine
Munsteiner Aquamarine II
Munsteiner Citrine
Munsteiner cut Citrine
Sold Munsteiner cut Jeweldrops
Munsteiner cut Rutile
Munsteiner Drops
Munsteiner Trapezoid
Ocean II
Ocean III
Onyx Heart
Onyx Hearts
Opal Jeweldrop
PC Opal Jeweldrop
Peach Tourmaline 3.72Ct
Pear Tourmaline
Sold Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline and Pearls
Quartz Jeweldrops
Sold Quartz Onyx Heart
Rubellite Tourmaline
Sold Rutilated Quartz
Sedona Amethyst
Sedona Blue Opal
Sedona Chrysacola
Sedona Curpite
Sedona Hematite
SkylineFossil Fish
South Sea Pearl
South Sea Pearl 12mm
Spectrolite Jeweldrop
Sold Sugilite Heart Jeweldrop
Tanzanite Cross
Topaz Jeweldrop
Tourmaline and Quartz
Triangle Jeweldrop
Waterfall Jeweldrop
Waters Edge Onyx
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