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Bill Worrell - #107 Silver
#107 Silver
Bill Worrell - A New Dawn Shaman
A New Dawn Shaman
Bill Worrell - A Time Before Moses
A Time Before Moses
Bill Worrell - Forces of the Moon
Forces of the Moon
Bill Worrell - The Vision
The Vision

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Bill Worrell Artist Biography

Exposures Gallery is the largest fine art gallery representing Bill Worrell’s art and the only art gallery in the world with Worrell's complete collection of bronze sculptures on display and online.

Bill Worrell’s art is comprised of interpretations based on ancient pictographic rock art left behind by the prehistoric Native Americans of the Lower Pecos River. Worrell began first by expressing his profound inspirations in mixed media paintings and drawings, eventually creating three dimensional bronze sculptures which are considered unique to Worrell in the fine art world.

To the left, we have organized Bill Worrell’s vast collection of art into categories. From His jewelry to his Monumental Bronze Sculpture (standing nearly 20 feet tall), you are sure to find a Worrell sculpture that you will cherish forever.

Bill Worrell
                                 Bill Worrell
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