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Bill Worrell - Meditations

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Name: Meditations
*Dimensions: 15"H  Above Stone
Edition Size: AP
Medium: Limited Edition Bronze Mounted in Stone
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Artist's Biography

Meditations Description:

MEDITATIONS (Artist's Statement)

Perhaps meditations are manifestations we make inwardly to ourselves aboutourselves. Perhaps they are secret declarations we make to ourselves aboutthings we intend to do or things that we should do. Perhaps they are secretand private communications and interrogations with The Great Spirit and withdeparted ancestors whereby we seek guidance, direction, enthusiasm, energy,mind, thought, reason, presence, logic, and memory. We make these and otherthings along with answers to our limitless questions about life andexistence.

To ponder, muse, wonder, and seek are important daily activities.Meditations keep the spirit alive and joyful. For me they make the day gobetter. For me they are rudimentary for faith and for the creativeprocesses. I know that this is true for B. J. also and both of us I hope that you will join us as we open this yearsshow, MEDITATIONS, and viewsome of the by-products of a few of my meditations.Bill Worrell04/24/05 - 10:30 a. m., New Art, Texas.

Sedona Art Gallery Exposures Gallery: Artist Bill Worrell

Meditations Writing/Poem:

Without effort clouds float in skies of blue
We marvel that Great Spirit has made it so

At the proper time clouds fall to Earth
Trees and grass and flowers grow
We thank Great Spirit that it is so

Sun brings morning light
Warms our lodges
Gives sight to our eyes
That we may work and create
We thank Great Spirit that it is so

Waters flow and sing
And give us life
Raven brings us messages
Magpie brings us warnings
Owl brings us wisdom
And we thank Great Spirit

Sun visits other side of earth
Brings us darkness that we may sleep
We kindle our night fires
And the Spirits of the Ancient Ones visit us

We thank Great Spirit that it is so
These are our meditations
Always your meditations

* Dimensions are artist estimates
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