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Chester Fields

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As a child, growing up in the rustic ranch country of the Canadian and American Pacific Northwest, Chester Fields knew instinctively that two things would be part of his destiny:

Chester Fields knew that someday, somehow, he wanted to become a professional artist. Chester Fields knew that the beauty and the drama of nature that was a constant part of his childhood would remain a center for his life.

To prepare for the first, Chester Fields devoted hours of his childhood watching, drawing and painting his surroundings, butterflies, wildlife, nature. That preparation helped insure the second portion of Chester Fields' destiny. As he watched and observed, Chester Fields' eye for detail and appreciation for the delicate, powerful, subtle, awesome face of nature were honed to a fine edge.

While Chester Fields may not have considered himself lucky at the time, a third opportunity appeared shortly after his graduation from a college graphics design program in Washington. It came disguised as a draft notice.

As a staff artist on an American Army base in Germany, Chester Fields used the off-duty hours to his two-year military tour to study art as only the Masters can teach it. Roaming the halls of the greatest museums and galleries on the continent, Chester Fields studied the techniques of da Vinci, Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Van Gogh...every detail and definition of Rodin and Michelangelo.

Upon returning from his military tour, Chester Fields spent a short period as a commercial designer in an international electronic sign manufacturing company. The pause provided Chester Fields the time he needed to refocus on his dream of a fine arts career, and the springboard he needed to launch that career.

To capture the excitement and reality of the American West, Chester Fields used the knowledge he acquired during his childhood, and combined them with and inborn energy, technical skill, attention to detail, and hours of painstaking research. Chester Fields' creations became flawless works of art that captures nature's great beauty and soaring adventure. By first finding the eye of each creation, he strives to explore the soul of his subjects and to bring them to life on canvas or in bronze.

Chester Fields' initial offering - sometimes delicate, sometimes powerful - moved tempra and acrylic from a medium to a mirror, reflecting reality and impressionism in a single image. Chester Fields received early recognition for his paintings from the Western Artists of America, and sold regularly in shows and galleries all over the West.

As experience and success built his confidence, Chester Fields began to take on new challenges. He moved from canvas to sculpture. And followed in the tradition of the fine bronze creations that are almost as old as history itself. Because of their permanence, their ability to hold fine detail and to accept patinas that closely mimic the colors of nature, bronzes by Chester Fields quickly became the newest treasures of astute art collectors.

From then on, there was no looking back. The subject matter Chester Fields chose was the natural one...the birds, animals and people who nurtured his talent as he grew up. Working by night in his home studio, he settled into an artists life of creating and showing his work, and challenging all the barriers to fame in the modern art world.

Chester Fields was the recipient of many honors and awards from major art exhibits and museums, including North American Wild Animal Exhibition, National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center and the Leigh Yawkey Woodsen Art Museums 1986 "Birds in Art" National Museum tour.

Chester Fields has gained worldwide acceptance of his work. His sculpture can be found in palaces in Saudi Arabia, Nippon Oil Company boardroom in Tokyo and the Harley Davidson Corporate Headquarters, to mention a few. His bronzes have also been selected as gifts for Heads of Foreign States.

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