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 Frasca / Halliday - A Night at Tiffanys (Triptych)
 Frasca / Halliday - A Sedona Storm
 Frasca / Halliday - Above The Fray
 Frasca / Halliday - Black Bird III
A Night at Tiffanys (Triptych) A Sedona Storm Above The Fray Black Bird III

 Frasca / Halliday - Bull Chic
 Frasca / Halliday - Coral
 Frasca / Halliday - Criss Cross
 Frasca / Halliday - Ebony Stallion
Bull Chic Coral Criss Cross Ebony Stallion

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Frasca / Halliday
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Sold Wall Panels Artist Biography
Sold A Night at Tiffanys (Triptych)
Sold A Sedona Storm
Sold Above The Fray
Sold Black Bird III
Sold Bull Chic
Sold Coral
Sold Criss Cross
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Refined Manhood
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Sold Wall Hanger Triptych
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