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Jd Challenger - Captured Power
Captured Power
Jd Challenger - Circle of the Sky
Circle of the Sky
Jd Challenger - Red Ochre
Red Ochre
Jd Challenger - The Grandfather Dwells Above
The Grandfather Dwells Above

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Originals - Peoples of the World
Jd Challenger Artist Biography
Jd Challenger began his career as a landscape painter working in oil and acrylic on canvas and in watercolor.  Upon witnessing a Ghost Dance ceremony re-enacted for a film, Jd Challenger was inspired to paint Native American subjects.  Challenger soon received the blessing of a Holy Man who presented the artist with a gift saying, “…We don’t tell the Creator who he uses to tell our story, and apparently you have been chosen.”  With this consent, Jd Challenger has become a prolific artist, painting live models in mixed media with bold colors and strong lines.  Challenger published his first book, Ghost Dancing, in 1998.  The book explains the symbolism and ceremonies of the Ghost Dance movement that inspires Jd Challenger's art work.

Jd Challenger paints the story of a people rich in heritage and traditions; stories sometimes poignant, often angry...but always powerful and demanding to be told.  Each portrait speaks its own truth.  He is the vessel that paints that truth.  Few artists generate excitement like Jd Challeneger.  His exhibitions are often sold out before the gallery doors open.  
Jd Challenger
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