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Jim Eppler

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Jim Eppler brings the power, beauty, harshness and magnetic attraction of nature to both his paintings and bronzes. Eppler creates from the experience of his lifelong enchantment with wildlife and his innate gift for the use of color and form.

A seasoned artist who readily admits a romance with the "play of light and shadow, the way paint builds on canvas," he is equally captivated by gestures and textures that lend themselves to the three-dimensional aspect of bronze. Bringing his skill as a colorist to his sculpture, Eppler hand-finished each bronze in his limited editions. Using patina and paint, his intricate knowledge of his subject matter is expressed with distinctive markings unique to each species.

While Eppler's art has always encompassed a remarkable range of artistic genre and subject matter, animals and their habitats constantly draw him to their world. His paintings and bronzes combine a passion for nature and life with the sheer joy of artistic expression. Creating in both mediums is a rich and gratifying experience for him, and has earned Eppler the respect of both colleagues and collectors.

Jim Eppler's enchantment with animals emerged at an early age and has remained a constant all of his life. As a child, he chased across the West Texas desert in search of animals living in the hot sands. He then would go home and transfer to paper or canvas the captivating images he had discovered.

Although he constantly created art throughout his childhood, it was only after taking a couple of art classes in his senior year of high school, that he began to recognize his fascination with painting was actually a talent. A talent which would allow him a lifetime of doing those things which he most enjoyed - being outside to drink in all of nature's beauty, and then re-creating that beauty on canvas.

After attending Texas Tech in 1969, Eppler decided to put his college education on hold for several years, and perused the life of living close to nature. Playing guitar, singing, and sometimes bartering his paintings supported his passions for traveling and experiencing diverse wildlife habitats. The exceptional insight and knowledge he gained became a tool, which would lend itself to Eppler's ever expanding talent of artistic expression. Eppler returned to college in 1978, graduated in 1981 with honors and obtained a BFA in Studio Art. Eppler has since studied with Bob Kuhn, Robert Wood, Bill Worrell, Raymon Froman, Charles Reid, and Paul Milosevich.

Pursuing his personal quest of an inexplicable desire to create, Eppler added the medium of sculpting as a dimension of his artistic exploration. "I have always sensed that sculpting would be second nature to me. Working with a three dimensional medium provides additional ways for me to explore the play to light and shadow on forms and textures."

When researching particular species, Eppler moves quietly into the world of wildlife. He watches, listens, learns and captures on film the remarkable dimensions of wildlife and their habitats. "My photos reveal their form and habits, but their gift to my soul is what inspires me to paint and sculpt." In viewing Eppler's work, it is apparent that he paints and sculpts from a depth of both inspiration and wisdom. His art reflects the deep appreciation, understanding and pure joy of what he considers nature's gift to him.

Through the years, Eppler's art has encompassed a remarkable range of artistic genre and subject matter. But it is animals and their habitats that constantly draw him to their world. The early childhood joys of a young boy who chased across the desert sands have been transformed into a mature life, which continues to bring Eppler deep satisfaction.

Eppler lives in Texas and shares his private working studios with Beckie, an interior designer, his partner in business and life. Located behind the couple's home, the studio provides the daily opportunity for family life with their sons, Grayson and Jordan, and a quiet setting for Eppler to paint and sculpt.

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