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Penelope Bushman - Ancient Apparition
Penelope Bushman - Ancient Discovery II
Penelope Bushman - Ancient Mystery
Penelope Bushman - Ancient Shadows
Ancient Apparition Ancient Discovery II Ancient Mystery Ancient Shadows

Penelope Bushman - Anticipation
Penelope Bushman - Apprenticeship II
Penelope Bushman - Brave Guardian
Penelope Bushman - Contemplation
Anticipation Apprenticeship II Brave Guardian Contemplation

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Artist Biography
Penelope Bushman
Original Artwork
Hand Painted Glasses
Original Artwork Artist Biography
Ancient Apparition
Ancient Discovery II
Ancient Mystery
Ancient Shadows
Apprenticeship II
Brave Guardian
Dragonfly Yellow
Sold Early Dawn
Earths Essence
Eclipse Original
Enchanted Sedona
First Impression
Honorable Shaman
Indian Summer
Lavender Field
Mind and Spirit
Morning Light
Mystic II
Natures Radiance
Night Watchman II
Organized Chaos
Peace & Quiet
Perfect View
Perfect View IV
Perfect View V
Revered Shaman
Sand and Fog
Sedona Sunset Painting
Shaman 74
Shaman 75
Sienna Hills
Split Decision
Stoic Warrior
Subtle Changes II
Summer Landscape
Valiant Shaman
Warriors Pride
Sold Ancient Discovery
Sold Ancient Entity
Sold Ancient Journey
Sold Ancient Riders
Sold Ancient Truth
Sold Apprentice
Sold Apprenticeship
Sold Apprenticeship III
Sold Autumn
Sold Blue Sky
Sold Cobalt Ridge
Sold Corner Stone
Sold Crimson Tide II
Sold Dragonfly Oil
Sold Early Dawn II
Sold Elements I
Sold Elements I I
Sold Elk
Sold Enchanted Vision
Sold Equine Shadows
Sold Fate & Destiny
Sold Guided Soul
Sold Harmony Acrylic
Sold Humble Spirit
Sold Inner Peace
Sold Inspiration
Sold Italia
Sold Journey to Wisdom
Sold Lasting Impression
Sold Magic Sentinal
Sold Majestic Warrior
Sold Majestic Warrior II
Sold Meadows Trail
Sold Meditation
Sold Meditation II
Sold Mystic
Sold Night Fall
Sold Night Watchman
Sold Ocean Blue
Sold On the Edge
Sold Our Destiny
Sold Peace & Honor
Sold Peace of Mind
Sold Peaceful Sojourn
Perfect View III
Sold Prophet
Sold Quiet Seclusion
Sold Red Dawn
Sold Red Guardian
Sold Sacred Honor
Sold Sand n Fog
Sold Santa Fe Trail
Sold Secret Garden
Sold Serenity
Sold Set in Stone Triptych
Sold Shadow Vision
Sold Shaman #43
Sold Shaman #44
Sold Shaman 1
Sold Shaman 2
Sold Shaman 3
Sold Shamans Voyage
Sold Sienna Mist
Sold Skies
Sold Sojourn
Sold Souls Desire
Sold Souls Light
Sold Spirits Pilgrimage
Sold Starlight Trail
Sold Stoic Prince
Sold Stoic Spirit
Sold Storyteller
Sold Travelers
Sold Turtle
Sold Warriors Journey
Sold Wind Swept
Sold Wisdom Found
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