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Nakisa Seika was born in the bustling, technological metropolis of Tokyo, Japan in 1979.  Her childhood, which was incredibly culturally active thanks to her family’s dedication to the arts and learning, was spent frequenting museums and theatrical shows.


By early adolescence, Nakisa Seika had so long been exposed to a wealth of diverse enrichment activities that their importance was permanently ingrained in her.  From classical and modern ballet to musicals, opera and theater, namely the dramatic, traditional Japanese performance art known as Kabuki, Nakisa Seika was introduced to practically every artistic avenue available to her.  She never missed an opportunity to expand her mind or artistic prowess; she excelled at every creative undertaking put before her.


By her mid-teens, Nakisa was already a seasoned patron of and participant in the arts.  At a time when most teenagers are interested in shallow pursuits, Nakisa was diligently focused on furthering her future career.  At age 15, she was ready to take the aesthetic knowledge she cultivated as a youth in Japan to the United States, where she planned to pursue an extensive art education.  Nakisa’s hope was to one day transform her lifelong passion into a livelihood.


After making arrangements to relocate, Nakisa accomplished her goal; she arrived in the States at the age of 17 to finish high school in upstate New York.  After three years of intensive studying there, Nakisa Seika enrolled at the Atlanta College of Art to major in painting.  Ever the overachiever, she was not content to master only a single program; she also studied sculpture, silkscreen printing and lithograph during her time at ACA.  It was in college that Nakisa sharpened her talents and began to see visual art as a viable occupation.


Following her successful stint at school, Nakisa Seika began working as an artist at Deljou Art Group.  Her first experience selling work helped her fully appreciate the inimitable styles native to her home of Japan.  In elementary school, Nakisa was enrolled in calligraphy courses as was demanded by the normal curriculum.  But it was not until later in life that she found a practical application for this early artistic guidance.


Despite her deft hand, Nakisa had never considered mastering the Chinese brush a worthwhile or lucrative ability until she began constructing the Oriental Gardens collection.  As Nakisa began fleshing out the series, she became re-inspired by her roots.  She felt the flowers called for more powerful, yet simple lines, the kind often used in calligraphy and the Sumi-E methods, the latter of which translates to “Black Ink Painting.”  Her extensive knowledge of these traditional Asian techniques lent an authentic, unmistakably Eastern aura to the pieces.


Like much of Nakisa’s work, which also includes the Arpeggio and Silent Grove series, Oriental Gardens is contemporary and organic, a culmination of Nakisa Seika’s professional training and painter’s eye.  The series incorporates natural and modern elements in a way that is fresh, sophisticated and unexpected.


Nakisa’s stylistic choices are always so delightfully surprising.  Her clever blending of disparate parts and approaches is likely a direct result of Seika's unique upbringing in Tokyo, a place simultaneously known for its ancient customs and hi-tech, startlingly up-to-the-minute way of life.


Today, Nakisa Seika continues her relentless pursuit of artistic information, which she uses to hone her craft.  Her expertise as a precise, meticulous painter and creator of original art has earned her accolades amongst her peers, patrons and the art world at large.  Her varied, ever-changing body of work is praised and collected internationally.

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