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Exposures International Gallery Voted ####1 Gallery in Sedona, & ####1 Gallery in Arizona

One of Sedona’s greatest treasures is in plain sight. Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, located at the heart of Sedona’s “Gallery Row,” on State Route 179, delights and impresses visitors as assuredly as the Red Rocks that can be glimpsed from its sculpture garden. This expansive gallery features some of the finest contemporary and southwestern art in the world created by some of the most famous and talented artists worldwide!

The American Art Awards honored Exposures International this year as one of the “25 Best Galleries in America in 2013.” This crowning achievement is the most recent addition topping the gallery’s list of accolades extending back more than 17 years. The gallery’s reputation for excellence and its commitment to community service are well known in Sedona, and the proof can be seen in the many awards that adorn owners Marty and Diane Herman’s intimate office in the gallery.

Currently Arizona’s largest gallery, Exposures International’s journey from a tiny business to the city’s artistic center is incredible. Marty Herman was named a Top 100 Executive by the Los Angeles Times, and Diane Herman had already accumulated years of experience in performing and visual arts. Together, their efforts with their positive energy and enthusiasm for life led to Exposures International’s explosion onto the Southwest art scene. The dynamic owners are quick to point out that their gallery began as a labor of love for the arts, a “mom and pop” business whose success has been 17 years in the making.
“We built the gallery on a foundation of honesty, integrity, hard work and love,” the Hermans said. “We share a passion for the fine arts, and the gallery was our opportunity to create a venue showcasing art that would affect the world in a really positive way. A ‘labor of love’ is the expression people use when their passion becomes their life’s work. We genuinely care about our artists, our staff and our wonderful clients who always inspire us to do our very best.”

Exposures International’s reputation for artistic excellence is reaching audiences worldwide. Collectors as far away as Europe and Asia are looking to Sedona for their art collections. These collectors coordinate their travel plans to ensure they will be present during the gallery’s twice-annual shows (the gallery’s next event will be held Oct. 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th and is open to the public). With multiple artists in attendance, Exposures International’s gallery shows have become a highly anticipated tradition where locals and visitors alike travel to Sedona and celebrate the fine arts. They know that experiencing Exposures International firsthand is an event full of fun, magic and a feast for the eyes.

In addition to collectors, world-renowned artists are also taking notice. As Exposures International gains more esteem, many artists seek to be a part of this special and evolving gallery. “We estimate that we receive over 2,000 artist submissions each year from around the globe,” the Hermans said, “and we narrow the selection yearly to only two or three artists for inclusion in the gallery’s ever-expanding collection. Many of our artists are the most talented in the world.”
Exposures International’s artistic display includes artwork by internationally recognized sculptors, sensational fine art jewelers and painters whose canvases have been displayed across the globe. Local artists also feature prominently in the gallery collection, including painters and sculptors from Sedona and beyond. Well-established Southwest artists have been fixtures at the gallery almost since the beginning, and their rise to super-stardom in the art world mirrors Exposures International’s rise in prominence.

Exposures International’s journey to worldwide recognition began in 1996 when the Hermans united their passion for the arts with their desire to continue to make Sedona an “Art Mecca” for the world. Through perseverance and dedication, their dream evolved into a veritable “oasis of art.” Over time the gallery collection grew from six artists to more than 100, and the gallery’s space experienced multiple expansions transitioning from 1,700 square feet of art display to over 20,000.

“When we first opened in the mid 1990’s, the leading art galleries in this community were less than enthusiastic about another gallery opening,” the Hermans said. “At the time it seemed that a gallery was closing every four months. We wanted to bring a gallery of a different kind to Sedona. One with fun, enthusiasm and professionalism with good old-fashioned values incorporated in a contemporary way. We were looking for artists with the talent and integrity to make this dream a reality.”

The Hermans say that Exposures International’s early years were filled with wonderful experiences, good memories and on-going discoveries. At the heart of their gallery, they held onto the belief that the arts are, and should be, an essential part of every person’s life. “As we dedicated our efforts to promoting established and emerging artists alike, more and more people began to discover the integrity of our gallery. We expanded twice and doubled our floor space, and still we did not have enough room!”

Exposures International moved to its current location in October, 1999. Originally, the building had been a famous restaurant called The Oak Creek Owl. Later, “All Seasons Resorts,” a timeshare company owned by Gary Hughes, bought and divided the building into office suites. The building was not even on the market but the Hermans knew in their hearts that it was the perfect place for their growing gallery.

The Hermans decided to make an offer on what is now the gallery’s current space, but the moment people heard about their interest in the building, the couple was outbid. After a year of pursuing the property, their efforts came to a head when they met in the parking lot in 100-degree heat with Hughes and his business partners, who told the Hermans that “the calculator makes the decision.” Despite being told that their offer would likely be rejected once again, Diane made an impassioned plea to the men to persuade them of the scope and scale of hers and Marty’s vision. The following day, the Hermans were stunned when they received a telephone call telling them that Diane had reached right into the hearts of those businessmen, and the building was theirs!

Diane remembers the event vividly. “I felt like there was an unknown force that was greater than me, and it was driving me to fight for the vision I had where all the artists in the world would have a platform for their artwork to be seen and loved. I wanted a place where artists could earn the recognition they deserve during their lifetime.”

Shortly after moving to the newly renovated building, Exposures International began growing at a phenomenal rate. The Hermans describe those years as running at full speed, giving everything they had and loving every minute of it. Their dream of creating and sharing a destination that celebrated fine art with the world was now a reality. “We came to appreciate everything about the gallery,” the Hermans said. “It gave artists a platform to delight the world with their art; it gave visitors the opportunity to fall in love with extraordinary artwork; and most of all, it gave us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. The whole experience of meeting everyone from all walks of life is a gift for which we will always be grateful.”
Walking into Exposures International today, visitors are greeted with a large, open and dynamic space filled with magnificent colors and visual textures. The atmosphere in the gallery is warm and welcoming, the artwork is meticulously merchandized, and the music is guaranteed to get happy feet tapping. Every inch of display is put to use, and art lovers quickly surrender to the joy of being completely surrounded by extraordinarily talented artists from all around the world.
“Art is good for the soul,” the Hermans are fond of saying. “We want people to be happy and enjoy their gallery experience. Our mission has been to create an unparalleled environment of artistic enjoyment for our visitors. We work very hard to provide a supportive and caring platform for the artists. And we take an active role in caring for our beautiful Sedona community, donating proceeds from art sales because we believe art should have the power to enrich lives. We wanted to give something back to the community, and we have been able to do that with the gallery.”

When the economic downturn came to Sedona, it provided an opportunity for the Hermans to refocus their vision. Rather than be hampered by negative outlooks, the gallery owners took the chance to renew their dedication to making Exposures International the biggest art destination in Sedona. They rolled up their sleeves, got back to basics and continued to strive for excellence.

Currently, there is only one Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, yet every day the Hermans are asked if they have locations in other parts of the world. Visitors are amazed by what they see and experience when they walk through the gallery doors and their accolades can be heard each day: “Thank you for being here!” “This is the most beautiful gallery I have ever seen!” “How can there be this much talent in the world!” “This is extraordinary! Thank you, Marty and Diane!”

Together, hand in hand, the Hermans are enthusiastic about the future of their gallery and the future friendships that await them.

Exposures International is an honor for us to promote. Our philosophy is to serve and encourage all artists and all clients with love, joy and ‘Southern Charm.’ In return, our artists’ and clients’ appreciation has reinforced our conviction that an extraordinary effort and an ‘Everything is Art’ mindset will create the perfect recipe for life.

We have experienced huge success in our lives and professions, and the satisfaction of making our own way in the world, however it has only been possible thanks to the wonderful people who have supported us. To every client, artist and friend (over 40,000 people in all)… A Heartfelt Thank You to You All! Together we have made Sedona the cultural gem of the Southwest, and a top destination among Art Connoisseurs.

We are honored that we have been able to grow our gallery to be the largest gallery in Sedona and one of the largest in the world. When you come into Exposures International, hopefully you will have an experience like no other. We love you all and invite you to come and visit any time. We can’t wait to see and meet new friends!

Love to You Always,
Marty & Diane Herman

Thank You to others who have also helped develop Sedona with their love, blood, sweat and tears into an International Destination. Thank You!
Marty, Diane, & Ceasar Herman owners of Exposures Gallery
Marty Herman, Diane Herman and Caesar
Owners of Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art
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