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Artist Representation
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When Do You Accept Artist Submissions?

We are always looking for talented artists and gladly accept submissions year-round.  We receive about 2,000 requests for gallery representation each year from artists across the globe!  The gallery collection is comprised of permanent artists and rotating artists, with about two or three openings each year.  While new artists are introduced as part of our rotating collection, we do try to make everyone permanent!

How Do I Submit My Portfolio?

If you are a full time artist and think your art will fit our gallery theme, please send us a portfolio of your work.  Please be sure to include in your portfolio:

*  Photographs of your art—printed or on CD

*  Biography and contact information

*  Self-Addressed & Stamped Envelope (SASE) for return of materials    (reminder: double check the correct postage for your SASE)

*  Emails with website links are also accepted

Please note that due to the volume of submissions we do not accept the following:

*  Email submissions with attachments

*  Transparencies

*  Slides

*  Submissions without a SASE    (also please note: if a SASE is not included with your submission, your materials will not be returned)

What Happens Next?

Please be patient! You may not hear from us right away because the owners contact selected artists only when space becomes available (space constraints in the gallery restrict us to only two or three new artists per year.)  If your artwork is selected and we have a display opportunity, we will ask you to send us at least one original for us to view for approval.  If we like what you send us, the final step is discussing representation!

Thank You for your interest in our gallery!  We look forward to seeing your work!  

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