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Gallery Testimonials
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"As you approach the gallery from the road, the front of the gallery is marked by some very large sculptures (including a 7' or higher bronze eagle swooping in for a kill). If that kind of thing is not to your taste, do NOT be scared away. Go in the gallery! I almost didn't (thinking that what was outside would be what was inside) -- boy am I glad I gave it a try. Our formerly art-free home now has several pieces from the gallery, and their beauty brings us joy every day.Visiting the gallery is a real experience, and I have great respect for those in charge of selecting the art on display. There are many, many works to suite every taste, in different media, and in different forms of art (paintings and other hangable art, sculpture, photography, and even jewelry). The gallery itself is quite large, and they make maximum use of the space without giving it a crowded feel. Go slowly, or take multiple spins through, or you will miss a lot. There is also a sculpture garden outside, which I admit I have not visited, as we are not in the market for outdoor sculpture. From what I could see from the windows, though, there is a wide variety of styles out there, too.The staff are very intelligent, helpful, and kind. If you make a purchase, it will be a totally worry-free experience, right down to the shipping.""Every time we come to Sedona we have to stop at Exposures Art Gallery. It is an experience in itself by just browsing around the rooms. We were greeted by the owner Diane and she was lovely. So friendly and welcoming. If you want to see gorgeous sculptures, paintings and all sorts of other bewitching items be sure you stop here.""From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed without any pressure to "buy." Lindsey was not only knowledgable about the artwork and artists, but she also communicated how much she loved what she does."

"I have visited Exposures gallery several times over the past few years, and it gets better with age! Back in the day when I was a "looky-loo" I was impressed by the quality artwork and lovely atmosphere. Since then, I've started working on fleshing out my art collection, and Exposures continues to show me why it is one of the best galleries in the country. It has top quality artwork priced in a range from (no-brainer) affordable to (ooooh la la) indulgent. It has wonderful sales people ("art consultants") who are friendly and not pushy (my pet peeve is pushy sales people!). When I had a question after my purchase was complete, the customer service was A+++. I recommend this gallery to every person looking to acquire art, or just looking.""I visit art galleries in every town I visit, and there is nothing else like Exposures! I love it! I send every one of my guests to visit. If you only see one gallery in Sedona, GO TO EXPOSURES!!! I'm not a wealthy woman, but I still have few wonderful small sculptures from the gallery. You can tell that a lot of love goes into making Exposures a world class art gallery!""We have a young artist in the family so we took him here to see the works of others. Everything was beautiful-the woods, the metals, the glass. My favorite pieces were the metal sculptures of the biker chicks and the silver robot-looking man."

"Do not miss stopping in and behold the finest art & jewelry! The size of the show rooms and sculpture garden is overwhelming! Indulge your senses at the largest gallery in the southwest!""As an owner of a lot of art personally, I obviously like seeing beautiful art. Exposures is one of the most fabulous art galleries I've ever seen and anyone who goes there would probably agree. One of the besst attractions in Sedona.""Oh my god. This place is beyond. Way beyond, even for Sedona, which can be a bit over the top in a Southwestern, red rocks kind of way.My hon of hons husband INSISTED we go in here. Dear readers, it actually wasn't that bad!The gallery is stocked by very friendly salespeople, who are not pushy at all. The variety of art work on display, the different mediums, the prices levels - really breathtaking. I saw some gorgeous examples of blown glass, unusual jewelry, pottery, china, mixed medium, bronzes, paintings - you name it. The sculpture garden outside had an elk that I fell in love with."

"This is a living museum. This is a must-see, even if you don't think you appreciate art. The work here is spectacular. This gallery has taken great care to make sure the very best artists are on display.""When you drive up Highway 179 into Sedona, one of the first galleries that you come across is the huge Exposures Gallery, which is located on the right side of 179 as one approaches the city.Over 20,000 square feet, not including the outside sculpture gardens (I assume) make this the largest art gallery in the state, and probably one of the largest in the nation, perhaps the world.There's no gallery in the world, in the many, many galleries in nearly all continents that I have visited, that I can compare to this place.Exposures is a perfect example of what makes most Southwestern art galleries so different from most other fine art galleries in the world; galleries which follow the white cube example of white walls and minimalist hanging styles, coupled with total lack of information about prices, etc.Not so in the Southwest gallery model, and Exposures is a perfect example of this model for Southwest galleries.Upon entering the huge space, the East Coast gallery sensibility is immediately upturned by a rainbow of colors and a you are presented with a huge gallery space filled to the brim with art, photography, sculpture, crafts and jewelry. This is 21st century salon style presentation married to the joy of colors that is the Southwest.There are probably a few thousand pieces of art hanging and displayed in this huge space. In fact, so much artwork, and so much variety, that the art world would immediately tend to praise this gallery as a gallery like no other."There are plenty of art galleries in Sedona that offer wall decor, and the same in the Southwest, and for that matter all over the nation. This is a very good Southwestern gallery working flawlessly on that model.Exposures' success is clearly evident not only in its size, but also in the knowledgeable sales staff, as well as its history, which essentially breaks the mold of the usual gallery story: art-loving couple moves to Sedona, open a small gallery. On exhibit are works by more than 100 artists; yep, 100... and prices, I noticed, range from $29 to $290,000.""This is the best gallery in Sedona. I was blown away. Reminded me of a museum. Much bigger collection than anywhere else in Sedona. Lots of diverse artists, wonderful ambiance, great music and friendly people. I will be back, and I will bring friends!"

"This art gallery is beautiful! It has an amazing variety of art and artists. I especially loved Frasca and Halliday. The music was upbeat and the art consultants were friendly and fun. If you are visiting Sedona, this gallery is a must!""Sedona is definitely known for its art galleries, but if you only have time for one, I highly recommend that you don't skip this one. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to fine art galleries. There is something for everybody for sure, whether it's that you are looking for paintings instead of sculpture, if you prefer non-Southwestern art, or that you have a limited budget. This is the biggest gallery in the Southwest- and the sales consultants are not joking when they tell you this! You will want to take your time when you go through the two wings and the sculpture garden. I don't think I can come up with a favorite artist or piece, there was so many beautiful things. It was quite festive in there because of the holiday season, and so I just really had a nice time. It was truly lovely. Don't miss it!""WOW...just took the time to look at your total web site, I'm speechless how beautiful all the art work is, thank you I really enjoyed it all........."

"Our tour guide said if we were going to stop at any gallery, it would have to be this one. And boy was she right! This is spectacular!""If your visiting Sedona you have to see Exposures Gallery of Fine Art, it is by far one of the most incredible galleries I've ever been in!! Do not miss this gallery if you love art! They have world renowned artists like Yuroz, Alexander Volkov, and Dino Rosin. They also have well known contemporary Southwestern artists like Gene & Rebecca Tobey, Bill Worrell, and Jd Challenger. Probably the most exciting and unexpected artwork is the gorgeous jewelry! The featured jewelry artists Barbara Westwood, Gellner, and SOHO have designs unlike anything I've seen before. Do not miss this gallery!!""I purchased my first piece of sculpture (Robert Myers) from Exposures and have been addicted to this gallery ever since. Sculptures by the Tobey's, Bill Worrell's "Shamans" and Martii's photographs are just incredible. Whtever you do, take a look at this gallery - you will be made very welcome by Marty & Diane Herman."

"I've been visiting this gallery for 15 years and it just gets better every time. Whether you are amazed by the paintings of Jd Challenger, photography of Martii (one of the owners); the sculpture of the Tobey's or Worrell, you will be amazed. You will also be enthralled by the passion shown by Marty & Diane Herman and their staff for the art they sell. There is no pressure for you to buy, just for you to enjoy. Once you start enjoying, you'll be wanting to buy - even if its just a catalogue.""I've been visiting this gallery for 15 years and it just gets better every time. Whether you are amazed by the paintings of Jd Challenger, photography of Martii (one of the owners); the sculpture of the Tobey's or Worrell, you will be amazed. You will also be enthralled by the passion shown by Marty & Diane Herman and their staff for the art they sell. There is no pressure for you to buy, just for you to enjoy. Once you start enjoying, you'll be wanting to buy - even if its just a catalogue.""Been in and out up and down the whole area, most beautiful gallery I've ever seen. Designed [nice]. Beautiful paintings. Worth the visit. Everything Beautiful."

"Your Gallery is soooo beautiful it rivals any Museum. I stretched my wallet to mark the occasion of our visit to Sedona and my lady's birthday. We hope to become snow birds to your area this winter, if we can pull it off.""The art I have seen on website and your gallery in Sedona is some of the best work I have ever witnessed.""Absolutely breathtaking gallery! And love the staff and owners!"

"I love this gallery! If you are ever in Sedona, this is a must see!""This is the best galleries on the planet in my humble opinion! It is better than many museums!""Once again I want to thank you for your helping me start my bronze sculpture collection. The Bill Toma "Grizzly" piece was a wonderful choice for my beginning and hopefully an on-going passion."

"Fabulous architecture for a gallery""I was passing by when some of their displays caught my eye. I did a U-Turn and drove in. I must have looked gooofy as I'm sure my mouth was wide open in awe of the artistic pieces on display there. I can't think of any place in the world that has more beauty on display......all in one place. The staff takes the time to explain the artists and how the items are made. Again....this is a MUST stop for everyone's vacation. You will be glad you did, and will take special memories with you.""Most of the art here is "wow-factor" art. The staff is amazing. It's a gallery that is hard to leave."

"I remember the first time I went into Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, I was completely enchanted going in by the fabulous array of sculpture and felt like I was in a world class art museum once I got inside to savor the photography, paintings, jewelry, ceramics, glass and prints. Anytime I am in Sedona, Exposures is on the top of my visiting list!""I hope to make a trip to Sedona sometime in the fall, I always stop at Exposures, one of the best galleries on the planet!""This is the best gallery my father and I have ever set foot in. The paintings, bronzes and glass work, and one of a kind jewelry took my breath away. the price-tag on most items are not for the faint of heart but the staff was having just as much fun giving me an impromptu guided tour as in the sale of a small ring (or large statement sculpture). The works of art were exceptional.Being from Minnesota, we don't see this variety of works of in our local museums or galleries. Exposures opened my eyes to new ideas and interpretations of Native American art. This is a gem and anyone who visits Sedona should take the time to experience this one-of-a kind gallery. There is generous representation of modern works, highly skilled jewelers and glass-works so all art lovers will be satisfied.. We loved it and it was a top memorable highlight of our vacation."

"Outstanding""Terrific""Very Enjoyable"

"Lovely, peaceful, inspiring""Very fulfilling for the soul!""Wonderfully exquisite work"

"Unique""Beyond awesome""We love this place"

"Incredible collection""Want to move in""Tremendous"

"Dramatic""A world for Dreams""Great gallery and employees"

"Beautiful display""A wonderful experience""One of a kind"

"Soulful experience""Magnificent variety of artists""The best in the world"

"One of our favorite Sedona places""Wonderful, eclectic gallery""There's something for everyone"

"We didn't want to leave""A feast for the eye""Scintillating"

"Wonderful things""Excellent work and energy""World class gallery and energy"

"Always enjoy""A superb visual experience, combined with unlimited enthusiasm of those involved""Keep going-we love your work"

"Best gallery around""Very impressive""Very uplifting atmosphere"

"Love everything""So much beauty in one place""Neat place, the dog is cute too"

"Excellent array of art items and excellent consultants""Thanks for sharing""Not a gallery, but a spiritual experience"

"Very nice, unique works represented""Nicest gallery I've ever been to""Superb work!"

"Unreal""Wonderful! Friendly! Exciting!""Thoroughly enjoyable"

"Love our buffalo and can't wait to buy more""This was our first visit, but not our last!""Phenomenal work"

"Great service""Exactly what we've been looking for""We visit here often"

"Worth the trip""Love your art gallery""Wonderful from the 1st day"

"Is this heaven? You can't get any closer.""You are my favorite gallery forever!""Thank you for creating a gallery like this"

"It takes your breath away""Sensory overload! Thank you!""...a little prayer of thanks to "Him" for guiding us into your gallery"

"...your gallery...was breathtaking""you(r) website has been very helpful""Thanks, Marty"

"just amazing""Very impressed""...gallery was spectacular"

"the most complete gallery that I have ever visited""...your gallery brought me to tears""WOW! I am impressed"

"Exposures defines Sedona""This is not just a gallery it is an experience""This is a vortex"

"This is beauty, this is talent""This is from the Gods""Everything is so exquisit. Thank you for sharing all this art!"

"some of the best work I have ever witnessed""simplicity, essence, beauty""Great Stuff"


"Out of this World""Wonderful Place""Wonderful Gallery"

"A Rare Treat""Thank You""Just a beautiful Experience"

"Thank you for the Exposure""WOW""Majestic"

"Exquisite""6 stars out of 5""Thanks again for supplying great art and for providing fantastic service."

"This is the first place the really impressed me!""The work of these artists is simply breathtaking.""If you go to one gallery, this has to be it!"

"This is better than any gallery or museum I've been in!""Where do you get this art? It's Amazing!""I don't think there are many galleries in the world like this one!"

"I've never been to or seen a gallery with such a WOW factor as your's... It's amazing!""Amazing artwork outside, just had to stop in.""We wanted to go to only one gallery, and we picked the right one!"

"We drove in last night and this was the first place we wanted to visit this morning!""Beyond anything I could imagine for a gallery!""If you see one gallery in Sedona, go to Exposures!"

"Everytime we come to Sedona, we come to admire all this beautiful artwork.""There are no words to describe this - it's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Exquisite!""We have nothing like this back home... the quality... the variety... this gallery is exquisite."

"Visiting your gallery is always on the agenda.""It's just a fabulous experience coming in here.""We had to come in here!"

"My favorite gallery in the whole world!""I saw the balloons, then the sculptures, and had to come in.""We saw the interview with Marty and Diane, They're doing this for the right reasons."

"When you are in Sedona, this is the first place you have to go!""More oo's and ah's than the Grand Canyon!""I could tell from the street you had nice things."

"No matter if you buy something big or small, you always treat everyone with respect.""I've been to a lot of galleries and this is the best of them!""This gallery is so unique!"

"This is the #1 recommendation of things to do in Sedona.""If you go to one gallery, it has to be Exposures, it's amazing!""You should charge admission into here, it's too beautiful to be free!"

"Just stunning!""This is easily the most impressive gallery we've ever been in, you should charge admission to come in here!""Working here must be like working at Disneyland only more fun!"

"Your commercial really works! We couldn't wait to visit.""This is the most impressive gallery I've been in. It's commendable.""I'm an artist myself - painter and photographer - and this is just amazing!"

"The eagle caught our eye and we had to come see!""This gallery is so beautiful! Just beautiful! I want to think of another word, but it's just beautiful!""This is a place just about everyone needs to see."

"You have a lot of color in here!""We drove up specifically to see your gallery.""We had to come in!"

"I've never been in a gallery with so many things!""Too many beautiful things!""We read that this is the largest gallery."

"I was in a week ago and I had to show this off to my family!""They said this was the biggest gallery in Arizona!""I just had to make sure I stopped in your gallery to see everything with my own eyes... Amazing!"

"This is the most informative place I've been all day. Thank you!""This is just amazing, you can tell they have so many artists!""Never seen anything like this!"

"We kept driving by and saying 'We have to go there!'""I've been here only once and I said we have to come back.""We were in 3 years ago and we ant to tell all our friends about you."

"We have a huge print of the mittens!""We come every year and it's hard to go to any other galleries after because they pale in comparison, you spoil us!""I've never seen anything like this in my entire life and I've been around!"

"We saw something in our hotel about an artist with bears and rabbits - Robert Bissell!""I had to show [my daughter] my favorite gallery.""I've been to galleries all over and this has to be the most unique! I'm amazed!"

"Diana Simpson has truly captured the sould of the horse in her bronzes.""I always bring people to this gallery - it's the only one in Sedona that they should see!""You caught our eye with all of the fantastic things outside."

"We've driven by a few times and wanted to check it out.""This place is huge!""Wow... Wow! Holy..!"

"Best gallery I've ever been to. I had to bring my friend in!""It's a whole city of talent!""The best artists I've seen."

"This is the best place we've been to by far!""Stopped in to look at your amazing wind sculptures!""One of the reasons we came back to Sedona was to visit your gallery."

"I've enjoyed your gallery more than some museums.""We saw this place from the highway and we just said, 'Wow!'""I don't really do art galleries. I'm not an 'art guy'. But I had to come in here. This is awesome!"

"This is an art experience and more.""'SOLID' Fine Art in Exposures. Yuroz being an expample.""When you leave here you feel like your soul's been treated to some rest."

"Extensive gallery and beautiful art!""I've been all over the world and there's nothing as diverse and magical as your gallery.""We drove by to see the sculptures at night and had to come in during the day. Magnificent!"

"We saw the commercial and wanted to meet the owners! They seemed so genuine and nice!""This is like Disneyland for art.""It's Beautiful!"

"We're glad we turned on the TV last night, or we would have missed this place!""We always come in when we're in Sedona.""I could never be bored here!"

"Stunning""I had been driving by for years and never came inside. I'm so glad I did!""This is by far my favorite gallery ever! I love bringing my friends here."

"I have been to the Smithsonian, and they don't hold a candle to this gallery!""You have beautiful, beautiful things!""This place looked phenominal from outside, and it sure is."

"I have been to galleries around the world, but this is by far my favorite!""Our tour guide told us this was the best gallery in Sedona - he sure was right.""In all of my travels, I have not seen a treat like this gallery. This is the Hearst Castle of galleries."

"This is the first time I have sculpture and paintings and jewelry in once place, and it is all stunning.""Everything in here just makes you smile. I don't think I will stop smiling all day.""This gallery is an art vortex - it is so full of energy and life."

"This gallery is so contemporary. I just love it. It was very nice to have a little info on my favorites on the way through.""Exposures is a gallery not to be missed!""We always do our homework on galleries, and could not wait to come in and see your artwork!"

"This place set a new precedence for awesome!""I can't wait to come back here again.""This is my best Sedona experience by far."

"Coming to Exposures is a must-see in Sedona. It's like going to see the Louvre if you're in France.""We enjoyed your gallery so much last time, we just had to come back in.""My "go to" place for all things Bill Worrell ! Discovered this gem over a decade ago and still make a pilgrimage as often as possible ! How can you go wrong --- Sedona , great staff , resident pooch and fabulous art !"

"I dragged my husband to this gallery and he didn't want to leave. He's usually not big on "art", but something about the pieces in this gallery spoke to him and moved him. It is a stunning collection of art for all tastes. You can tell how much work and love is put into this gallery. I do wish I had more money so I could become a collector, but for now, I will just admire.""This is must see in Sedona! No, it is not for art snobs or lovers of traditional old world styles of painting and statuary. It is a feast for the eyes, like being inside a kaleidoscope. Many modern and popular artists with lots of southwest themes as well. Don't judge, enjoy!""Cathedral Rock in Fall and that's not all. Banded Gaze astounded me for days. Eric Lee's painted glass is first class. Frogman kept me hopping, his limited edition bronzes has me shoppin. But in truth they're all amazing, on the hillside in the sun ablazing."

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